Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide


Gaming Headsets

A Gaming headset is an audio hardware device that connects your video game console or computer and allows the user to communicate and hear other players hands-free. Gaming headsets are very different from traditional headphones in how they perform. Headsets allow the user to speak to one another
rather than just listen. As such, headsets are more commonly used in any field where the user needs to multi-task with his or her hands while speaking with another person via the headset. These situations include often times customer service, technical support, gaming and more. Best Video game Headsets

Gaming Headset Designs

Headsets come in a variety of styles, colors, head mounting, and ear plating. Since headsets normally have two ear pieces, there is usually an adaptive piece between the ear pieces that will allow for easy connection, this allows the user to freely mount the headset on their head. The head mounting gear can be on top of the head or band around the head. Ear coupling provides many different options, such as over ear, on ear, earbuds, & canal. Also, Gaming headsets are also available in wired and the more
popular wireless styles.

Wired Headsets

Wired headsets are awesome if you like to play games and are not planning on moving a lot. Compared to wireless headsets these are really cheap and are abundant. Which means that they will give you more bang for your bucks . Due to the wiring mobility will be limited to the length of the cable.

Wireless Headsets

As the name states , these headsets do not have wires, which makes them wireless and that can be a major convenience if you are a gamer that constantly moves around and cannot keep still for extended periods of time. .Wireless gaming headphones connect to your Laptop/Computer  using Bluetooth technology  or a wireless dongle that needs to be plugged into a USB port or video game console. Wired Gaming Headsets

How to Choose a Gaming Headset

How does it feel?

Obviously you want to purchase a gaming headset that fits well and doesn’t cause unwanted stress on the top of your head. Headsets are usually tested by all major brands before being released to the public as well as reviewed by many professional gamers. Most games say they should be able to wear a gaming headset for multiple hours without a headache or their ears becoming red from the pressure.

Quality of Sound:

Buying a gaming headset is more complex than buying a pair of decent headphones and a microphone. These products perform just like when you’re watching a movies or listening to music. Having great sound quality goes along way and can make the difference in winning some critical games.
With this in mind, testing your headsets in various games can give you a better understanding of what’s important to you and a decent all-around experience. You don’t necessarily studio-quality headphones, but that doesn’t mean it should settle for a cheap pair.


Considering how much are you willing to spend on a gaming headset? That’s really depends on how much of a gamer you are and how serious you are about winning. One of the best all-around option is a deals for a nice headset is about $50 -$100 bucks, but if you got some cash to spend, some pairs can cost up to $300 bucks. Wireless Gaming Headsets


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