Huawei Watch review: Huawei’s original smartwatch


At the point when the Huawei Watch originally turned out in 2015, it was a fine case of Android Wear progressed admirably. Presently, obviously, it has been outperformed by the Huawei Watch 2, so would it be a good idea for you to skirt an age and get the more up to date form? All things considered, the Huawei Watch 2 packs a quicker processor and more RAM – however nor are actually basic for a wearable as of right now. All the more critically, it accompanies 4G, GPS and NFC support – which makes it to a greater degree an answer when you need to go out without your telephone. On a run, say.

On the off chance that you don’t esteem these things, at that point, the first watch is definitely justified even despite a look. It’s a somewhat sleeker structure as well and really comes in littler regardless of its bigger screen. It very well may be had generally economically as well – in any event, contrasted with its unique £289 asking cost. The audit beneath should give you more direction in case you’re still going back and forth.

Jon’s unique Huawei Watch W1 audit proceeds beneath:

Huawei first flaunted its Android Wear smartwatch at MWC in Barcelona, however, in spite of a warm gathering from the press, offers of the wearable were put on ice. It appears to be an odd choice on the grounds that had Huawei discharged it in those days, it would have cleared the universe of Android Wear all before it.

Would it be that makes the Huawei Watch so great? Truth be told, the distinctions aren’t gigantic, however with smartwatches, it’s the little subtleties that tally, and here the Huawei Watch has it nailed.

It has a roundabout watch face, much the same as the LG Watch Urbane, yet not at all like that reckless timepiece, the Huawei adopts a stealthier strategy. The bezel is slimmer, the body more slender and the styling by and large increasingly advanced and downplayed.

Furthermore, much the same as different opponents – the Apple Watch and Motorola Moto 360 2 – the Huawei Watch is accessible in various distinctive “styles”. These range in cost from a base of £229 on Amazon UK inc VAT (on Amazon US it’s free $200 for the dark calfskin) for the Classic with a standard dark cowhide tie, up to £389 for the Active adaptation with a dark plated treated steel connection lash. There’s even a rose-gold form (for any individual who’s had a taste sidestep).

There’s no specialized contrast between the Active and Classic forms beside the shading, yet whichever one you go for, they all look superb. I was sent the fundamental Classic with a dark calfskin tie for this audit, yet even this least expensive form looks staggering, and as a little something extra, it’s very agreeable to wear too.

Huawei Watch survey: Display

The presentation gets everyone’s attention here, be that as it may. It quantifies 1.4in over, and with a 400 x 400 goals, conveys the most astounding pixel thickness (at 286ppi) you’ll see on any smartwatch. For reference, most other Android Wear gadgets have 320 x 320 screens. The ongoing invigorate of the Motorola Moto 360 improved things, however not by much, climbing to 360 x 330.

For all intents and purposes, the distinction isn’t colossal, Huawei Smartwatch yet it is conceivable to differentiate in the event that you look carefully, and as I said before it’s the little things that tally. It’s a disgrace such a significant number of Huawei’s 40 preloaded watch faces neglect to exploit this great screen, and are either rather mushy or clearly PC produced.

All things considered, it’s a help for watch-face addicts and any individual who likes to make their own appearances by means of applications, for example, WatchMaker and Facer. Furthermore, since the innovation utilized in the screen is AMOLED, it has a major effect, with inky dark and dynamic hues the request for the day.

What’s more, it will search useful for quite a while to come, as well. It super-intense sapphire precious stone glass screen is something all the more ordinarily found on boutique, top of the line Swiss watch producers costing a lot more occasions the cost.


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